Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classic Pizza Thrower - PRE-ORDER

  • $72.00 AUD

Hit the open sewer with the battery operated, motorized disc-firing Pizza Thrower!

Heavy-duty sewer cover radials pound the pavement as the Turtle pizza patrol prowls for the hoods, the bads and the uglies.

During close encounters of the disgusting kind, just drop pizza-hot discs down the open manhole, fire up the pizza-making machinery and take aim at street scum. 

Eight pizza discs scream out of the rotating, full-tilt pizza oven launcher to mow down Shredder and his band of merry mutants.

It’s party time when the Pizza Thrower rolls into action, add it to your TMNT collection today!

Released as apart of the 40th Anniversary TMNT Toyline. 

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