Pre-Order Terms

What is a pre-order?

 A pre-order is an order you can make for a new products before they are in stock and available for delivery.


What is an ETA?

An ETA is an estimate time of arrival that the product will arrive at our warehouse. Once the item is in the warehouse, we will proceed to ship your order based on your order number.

 - 2021 COVID Delay Updates

Due to COVID-19 Warehouse restrictions and ongoing Worldwide freight delays, it is common for ETA's to get pushed back. All Manufactures have been affected, we are doing our best to get the most up to date information on product arrivals. 


Am I guaranteed to get an item if I pre-order? 

Yes, pre-ordered items are guaranteed and are shipped at first priority. If a manufacturer or supplier cancels a product we will provide full refunds to all customers that have placed pre-orders.


Do you charge my credit card/PayPal at the time of purchase or when the item ships? 

We charge all pre-orders at time of purchase. Pre-ordering item's helps us ensure we can secure the stock and secure your order. 


What happens if I place a pre-order for multiple items that are scheduled to arrive at different dates? 

We will hold your order and ship once all items have arrived and are in stock. The shipping amount you are charged during check out is based on a single package. If you wish for your items to ship as they become available, then you must place separate orders.

How long will it take to ship out my pre-order once an item is received? 

We begin filling pre-orders the day we receive the products at our warehouse. We process and ship pre-orders within 5-10 days of them arriving and will update your shipping details once they have been shipped. We will ship in chronological order of orders received.