1995 Bandai MMPR Deluxe Falconzord

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Tommy obtained the Falconzord from Ninjor at the Temple of Power. The Falconzord can shoot powerful beams from its mouth and it could also shoot missiles from its wingtip cannons. In the movie, the Falconzord could fire rockets from the front of its wings as well as its wingtips. Tommy would use the Falconzord on many occasions in the early part of the show's third season. 

The Deluxe Falconzord was released in 1995, as apart of the original MMPR toy line. The figure can combine with both the Ninja Megazord and Shogun Megazord.

The figure is in good condition for its age, showing some wear and yellowing.

A must have for any Power Rangers collector out there!

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