1995 Bandai MMPR Deluxe Shogun Megazord

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The Shogun Megazord is the combination of the five ancient Zords, the Shogunzords.

While the Ninja Megazord is swift and agile, the Shogun Megazord is burly and powerful. Consequently, it lacks speed. It is heavily armored, yet still functional. Its main weapon, the Fire Saber, destroys opponents with a fire slash.

The Shogun Megazord was first seen in season 3, as was apart of the original MMPR toy line.

The Deluxe Shogun Megazord is in very good condition for its age, showing minimal signs of wear. The figure does come with its gold power sword, however there is some wear visible on the bottom. 

A must have for all the zord collectors out there!

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