Bandai 1993 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Titanus the Carrier Zord (Boxed)

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Titanus served as the Carrierzord for the Dinozords, Ninjazords, and Shogunzords. Titanus would roll through a misty swamp after being summoned. When fighting individually, he would usually fire blasts out of his mouth but could move his tail into two shoulder cannons as well. The shoulder cannons were most prominently featured as part of the Ultrazord formations.

Originally released in 1993, as apart of the original MMPR toyline, Titanus was a must have toy to finish off your collection and form the Ultrazord! 

The figure is in good to very good condition for its age, showing minimal signs or wear. The movement function has not been tested there we cannot guarantee it will work. The figure comes as shown, with no chain or sled. 

This item has a Bandai Hong Kong tag and was catered to the european market, hence the french writing. The box is in good condition for its age, with some wear and tear throughout. 

A must have for any Power Rangers collectors out there!

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