Bandai 1994 Peck Attack Peckster

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Peckster was a woodpecker monster created by Finster.

He would wave his wings around to create sudden storms and he would also use his extended beak as a weapon, pecking at the Power Rangers. After Zack got the idea to use some magic he was teaching to some kids to switch a balloon with a ball, the Peckster tried to pop it and this resulted in his beak getting stuck. Rita made Peckster huge and this freed him from the bind, but he was destroyed by a swing of Megazord's Power Sword regardless, exploding in a burst of maniacal laughter. Tommy stayed out of this fight to preserve his unstable Green Ranger powers

Peck Attack Peckster was a part of the Action Feature Aliens series, released in Bandai’s original 1994 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers toy line.

The Peck Attack Peckster figure is in very good condition for its age, showing minimal signs of wear. The figure comes as is, with no accessories.

A must have for any Power Rangers fan out there!
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