Bandai 1996 Power Rangers Zeo 1-2 Punching Action Red Battlezord

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The Red Battlezord is a standalone humanoid Zord with a star-shaped cockpit. It has massive pistons for repetitive punching attacks, with blasters around its fists for long-range strikes. It's attacks included firing a star-shaped energy burst from its' visor, firing a barrage of energy bolts from its' gauntlets, and an energized spin-punch manuever; the latter two would typically be reserved for finishing off monsters.

The 1-2 Punching Action Red Battlezord was a part of the 5.5 inch action feature zeo zord series, released in Bandai’s original 1996 Power Rangers Zeo toy line. 

The figure is in good condition for its age, showing some signs of wear. 

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