Bandai 1996 Power Rangers Zeo Staff Whirling Gold Ranger - 8 Inch

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When Trey of Triforia crash-landed on Aquitar, he was injured and split into his three forms of Wisdom, Courage, and Heart. Because of this, he was unable to control the Gold Ranger powers and could not again until his three forms were able to rejoin as one, and if the powers were not transferred temporarily during that time, the powers would be lost for good. The Alien Rangers sent Trey to Earth, where Billy attempted to take in the powers himself, but his body rejected them (due to his body unintentionally absorbing negative energy from the destruction of the Command Center)

So instead, Tommy considered Jason for the job, and later found Jason and brought him to the Power Chamber, while Jason was disguised with a trench-coat, sunglasses and a bandanna. On their way to the Chamber, however, they were attacked by the Machine Empire's Cogs, but were able to get close enough to teleport to the Power Chamber, where Jason revealed himself and the powers were transferred and entrusted to him by Trey. Jason thus became the second Gold Zeo Ranger, wielding the Golden Power Staff.

"Gold Ranger Power"

The 8 Inch Staff Whirling Gold Ranger released in Bandai’s 1996 Power Rangers Zeo toy line.

The Staff Whirling Gold Ranger is in good to very good condition for its age, showing signs of wear on the chest only. The sound and action function both still work. However, the figure is missing his infamous gold shield and staff accessory.

This figure is very sought after amongst Power Rangers collectors.

A must have for any Power Rangers fan out there!
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