Bandai 1999 Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Deluxe Galaxy Megazord

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Released in 1999, as apart of the of the original Power Rangers Lost Galaxy toy line, the Deluxe Galaxy megazord is a must have!

The Galaxy Megazord is created when the original five Galactabeasts become the Galactazords with the power of the Transdaggers, with the Gorilla Galactazord forming the hips and legs, the Condor Galactazord creating the waistline while also becoming the Condor Galactazord Missile Mode in back-mounted storage, the Lion Galactazord assembling the torso and head, and the Wolf and Wildcat Galactazords becoming the right and left arms respectively with fists attaching onto both Galactazords. 

The Galaxy Megazord is in good condition for its age, showing some signs of wear. 

The figure comes as is. The figure is missing both hands.

A must have for any Power Rangers Lost Galaxy collector. 

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