Bandai Premium DIGIMON DIGIVICE 25th Colour Evolution DX Set Ver. (Taichi Yagami) - PRE-ORDER

  • $240.00 AUD

Bandai Premium presents the ultimate Digivice commemorating the 25th Anniversary of Digimon with this Digimon Digivice 25th Colour Evolution DX Set Ver. featuring Taichi Yagami! 

Ages: 15+

  • Have an adventure in the vast Digital World! Relive the story of Digimon Adventure and select your partnered Digimon!     
  • Select a pair of DigiDestined and partner Digimon and you can set off for an adventure! Walk to travel across whole areas and venture into the digital world along with the cartoon story. Boss Digimon will also appear along the way. Experience Digimon in your own hands!    
  • This Digivice has color LC! Full color LED lighting, vibration function and playing voice and music fully showcase the true adventure of Digimon in your own home!