Hasbro Marvel Legends Deadpool - Set of & Figures (Strong Guy BAF)

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Product Description

With Hasbro's Marvel Legends Series, both kid and adult Marvel fans can create a legendary collection of comic- and movie-based Marvel characters. Each 6-inch-scale figure features detailed design, is easily poseable with premium articulation, and includes a Build-A-Figure component. Collect them all to assemble Strong Guy!

A powerful mutant with superhuman strength and speed, Warpath is a formidable warrior with a proud and noble heart. 

Maverick absorbs the force of enemy attacks, converting it into hyper-concussive blasts of power. 

Black Tom
A nefarious criminal with the power of concussive blasts and plant morphology, Black Tom is a true threat.

“With great power comes no responsibility.” Mercilessly wisecracking mercenary Wade Wilson is Marvel Comics Deadpool – a hero whose healing power allows him to constantly regenerate. 

Shiklah is the shape-shifting superhuman Queen of the Undead and former Mrs. Deadpool. 

In his solar form, Sunspot possesses the supreme power and cosmic durability of a supernova.

Deadpool (Pirate)
It’s a pirate’s life for Deadpool with plenty of adventure. Oh, and doubloons. So many doubloons.

Product Features

  • 6 inches (15.24cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Based on the Marvel comics characters
  • Highly poseable action figures
  • Build-A-Figure Strong Guy

Box Contents

  • Deadpool (Pirate) figure
    • Gun
    • 2 Swords
    • Strong Guy leg
  • Deadpool figure
    • 2 Guns
    • 2 Swords
    • Strong Guy head
  • Black Tom figure
    • Shillelagh (club)
    • Strong Guy back
  • Maverick figure
    • 2 Guns
    • Strong Guy arm
  • Warpath figure
    • 2 Alternate hand parts
    • Strong Guy leg
  • Sunspot figure
    • 2 Effect parts
    • Strong Guy chest
  • Shiklah figure
    • Strong Guy arm
    • Jeff (Land Shark) figure

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