1994 Bandai MMPR Power Dome Morphin Playset (Boxed)

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Originally released in 1994, as a apart of the original MMPR toy line, the Power Dome Morphin Playset was on the most sought after toys in the series. The Power Dome Morphin Playset has a strong resemblance to the command centre in the series. It was also the only way to get an Alpha 5 figure from the original toy line. 

The Power Dome is good condition for its age, however is missing quite a few parts and battery cover. The Zordon Voice changer still works when batteries are connected. The Alpha 5 figure is good condition for its age, showing some signs of wear. The figure has quite loose leg joints, which makes posing the figure sometimes difficult. 

The box has seen better days, with significant wear and deformation on top of the box. 

Overall this is an excellent display piece for any all the collectors out there! 

These are in high demand so don't miss out on a great piece!

**Please note, this is a heavy piece and has a big box. 

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