Playmates Rise of The TMNT Turtle Tank

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Product Description

When the Turtles need to get to the action fast, Donatello builds a villain bustin' Turtle Tank that can navigate through New York City, and the realms below, with all the fire power needed to kick some shell! The Turtle Tank group vehicle is 2 toys in 1, and can transport from the city to the lair and the hidden city that the Turtles discover.

First, in vehicle mode, the front cab opens and two Turtles can sit inside, driving the brothers into action. Then, Donatello's removable lab rises up and serves as the mobile command headquarters as the Turtles spy and plan to defeat the baddies below.

Equipped with spring loaded projectiles, the Turtle Tank is compatible with the Shell Hog vehicles and even fires them off when the Turtles need to get to the battle fast. 

Product Features

  • Basic figure scale
  • Made of plastic
  • Two toys in one (Turlte tank and Mobile Ops Unit)
  • 2 Turtles can ride in cab
  • Equipped with spring loaded projectiles
  • Can launch Shell Hog vehicles (Sold separately)
  • Figures sold separately

Box Contents

  • Turtle Tank
  • Mobile ops unit
  • 2 Projectiles

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