Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classic Party Wagon - PRE-ORDER

  • $72.00 AUD

The Ninja Turtles’ Classic Party Wagon by Playmates TMNT Collectors definitely personifies Turtle Power! Search the streets breaking only for battles with this most iconic vehicle from the 1987 series that faithfully captures the spirit of the Turtles like no other collectible! The Classic Party Wagon features rolling wheels, operating doors and roof hatch, the Spring-Action Foot Tenderiser and Blasters (blasters don’t fire). The Wagon comes complete with removable accessories and signature weapons. Park the Classic Party Wagon in your collection! Connect with other TMNT Collectors sets to build your own master display! Ideal for ages 10 and up (Figures sold separately)


  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle - Classic Original Party Van Action Figure Vehicle
  • 1987 animated series Classic Party Wagon with rolling wheels, operating doors, a roof hatch, and blasters.
  • Roll up to the Foot Dojo to kick some shell with the Classic Original Party Van Action Figure Vehicle from Playmates! Heavily armoured and outfitted with every advanced weapon Donatello could invent, this mobile fortress is an unstoppable force!
  • The Spring-Action Foot Tenderiser on the side is perfect for dislodging any clingy Foot Soldiers while the flip-top gives you easy access to the pair of Whacko Bombs inside.
  •  Three highly detailed part wagon with removable accessories, signature weapons can fit six ninja turtle figures easily (Figures sold separately).
  • Perfect for pairing with the rest of your TMNT collection, you’ll have Shredder running for cover with this heavy-duty destroyer on the roads.