Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classic Toilet Taxi with Donatello - PRE-ORDER

  • $62.00 AUD

Now you can flush out the Foot with the sewer-soaked Toilet Taxi!

This high-powered toilet turbo comes equipped with sewer cover tires, toilet paper mudflaps, a Foot-detector showerhead and sink steering wheel. Make every passenger comfortable with the sanitized sewer seat. 

Use the pulsating plunger headlights to search the sewer tunnels for the foul Foot fools. Clean out the stinky Foot from the sewer system with the bowl blaster. Including an exclusive Donatello figure, this is the latest in Turtle technology - and now it's yours for when you really have to go!

Released as apart of the 40th Anniversary TMNT Toyline. 

SKU: 84304