Tamashii Nations SOUL OF CHOGOKIN GX-71 Voltron

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It wonders five beast combined system! Here Sai誕!

Despite the high price of that time 9,800 yen, was recorded 43 million units of super alloy biggest sales “super alloy DX future beast coalescence Goraion” (launched in 1981).
Beyond the time of more than 30 years, it resurrected as a super alloy soul!

Shouting face of the iconic deathblow scene after coalescence can be reproduced in that Sashikaeru the face parts!
Each lion of squatting, take a wide range of poses of Sakuchu street by a movable mechanism that takes into account until the so-called Sitting pose.

Set a large number of weapons in the commodity. Gun-type weapon that can be mounted on the lion of each, including the sword-type weapon, also included Juo swords and space cutter that can be mounted on the time of your beast coalescence robot.
All of the parts included these can be stored on the pedestal with the motif of the castle of Sakuchu.

■ Product Specifications
Height: about 270mm
Material: ABS, die-cast, PC, PVC

■ Set Contents
Black Lion
Red Lion
Green Lion
Blue Lion
Yellow Lion
· Juo sword
Double Sword
Space cutter
– Various armed
· Stand

Stands at 27 cm tall


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