Tamashii Nations SOUL OF CHOGOKIN Hyaujyu Oh Go Lion GX-71 Voltron Chogokin 50th Ver. - PRE-ORDER

  • $620.00 AUD


To celebrate 50 years of CHOGOKIN and 40 years of VOLTRON, the iconic mecha returns to SOUL OF CHOGOKIN with this special CHOGOKIN 50th Ver. This version features revised coloring reminescent of the original CHOGOKIN items from the eighties, as well as brand new chrome accents for the silver coloring.

In 2024, "VOLTRON" will celebrate its 40th anniversary and CHOGOKIN will celebrate its 50th anniversary. To commemorate these milestones, VOLTRON has been modeled with coloring paying homage to the DX CHOGOKIN items at the time.

Product Features:
• Approx. 10.62 inches tall (27cm)
• Made of ABS, PVC, and diecast
• From the Voltron: Defender of the Universe animated series
• Part of the Soul of Chogokin line
• Highly detailed
• Includes additional parts and accessories

Box Contents:
• Black lion
• Red lion
• Green lion
• Blue lion
• Yellow lion
• Juou sword
• Double sword
• Space cutter
• Various weapons
• Special pedestal

Stands at 27 cm tall

ETA: JULY, 2024